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Audit Programs

Table of Contents:

This audit program for SAP contains 43 tests designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the key configuration settings, monitoring techniques and access restriction mechanisms to sensitive transactions in SAP R/3. The control framework covers the following components of the financial close and reporting process:

Organizational Structure & Global Settings
SAP audit guidelines to ensure that the FI module has been appropriately configured based on the financial reporting process:
  • Organizational structures/company code configuration, posting keys
  • Effectiveness of the available system edits and data validation routines that help avoid errors in financial documents and the G/L master data
  • Configuration that blocks changes to sensitive data after the documents have been posted 
  • Configuration and access to make changes to the financial statement versions

General Ledger Accounting

Audit guidance and testing procedures to ensure that only valid changes are made to the G/L master files:
  • Appropriateness of access to maintain G/L master records
  • Test steps to ensure that G/L accounts marked for deletion are not available for posting 
  • Assessment of monitoring techniques to ensure the validity of changes to the G/L master data

SAP audit guidance to ensure that journal entries are authorized and properly recorded:
  • Appropriateness of access to process journal entries (enter, post, change, clear, etc.)
  • Key segregation of duties conflicts
  • Tolerance groups for users with access to process journal entries  
  • Monitoring of parked journals

SAP audit guidance to ensure that periodic processing procedures are adequately controlled to ensure proper completion of all key activities:
  • Appropriateness of access to modify exchange rates 
  • Monitoring of gaps or other inconsistencies in document number assignment
  • Compact journal review

SAP audit guidance to ensure that period-end procedures are well established and adequately controlled to ensure processing of appropriate period end transactions and the proper completion of all key period end procedures:
  • Appropriateness of access to open and close posting periods 
  • Appropriateness of access to carry forward GL, AP, and AR balances
  • Reconciliation of G/L account line items, G/L accounts and external systems (CO, AR, AP, FA)
  • Monitoring of balances transferred to subsequent accounting periods
  • Monitoring of the financial statement reports containing the balance sheet & P&L statements

Everything has been conveniently pre-documented with fill-in fields for company-specific information (entity name, date, data extracted from the system, etc.) which will allow you to proceed with your assessment immediately.

Please view an excerpt from the audit program to ensure it's right for you.

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