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Audit Programs

Types of audit programs offered on this site

We offer system-specific and generic audit programs.

The system-specific audit programs contain step-by-step testing instructions and guidance on their execution, rather than generic descriptions of the controls and audit tests to be performed. The reason for including testing procedures is to enable anyone to execute the tests and evaluate the risks and the controls in that environment regardless of their level of experience with that particular information system.

The generic audit programs contain general control frameworks which form the foundation of any well-managed, well-controlled and secure IT environment. The generic audit programs can be tailored by our clients to build their control frameworks to evaluate risks and controls in any of their application systems, databases, network, communication, or systems software.

Who developed the audit programs

All audit programs have been developed by professionals with strong IT background and solid knowledge of auditing standards and control design acquired through years of experience in public accounting. Our team of experts also has extensive industry experience acquired through helping Fortune 500 companies to protect their information assets from various internal and external threats and comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.

Who will benefit from using the audit programs offered on this site

Anyone in the IT risk management, audit and compliance field looking to ensure reliability of the key financial systems and compliance with legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations. Audit programs outline key risks as well as internal and external threats to systems. The audit programs also contain a set of controls that should be in place to minimize the exposure to the risks highlighted throughout the audit programs. Detailed testing instructions will help identify information needed to test each control and navigate the system in order to extract that information from the system.
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